Mother Nature Certainly Has Done Her Fair Share Of Watering This Season.  Here Are A Few Tips For When We Need To Help Her Out:PicMonkey Collage

Early Morning Watering Is Best Before The Heat Of The Day.  If You Do Water In Hot Sun, Avoid Foliage Contact And Water The Soil.  Nighttime Watering Can Encourage Some Diseases and Mildew. 

Remember To Soak Your Pots Down To The Roots, Assuming They Have Drain Holes. When You Water Too Little, It Turns Those Deep Roots Upward Seeking The Water Towards The Surface Of Dirt/Ground.

Remember Pots And Baskets Need Attention Even When It Rains…They Dry Out Quickly Since They Can’t Draw From The Moist Earth All Around And The Foliage Of Mature Plants Many Times Act As An Umbrella To The Rain….When You Water Get Your Hose Down Through The Foliage. 

Over Watering Can Also Cause Problems…A Novice Gardener Can Mistake Sickly Plants With Yellowing Leaves As Plants That Need More Water When Over Watering And/Or Lack Of Nutrients Is Actually The Problem. 


Continual Rain and Watering Leaches The Minerals From The Soil…Remember To Replenish Your Plants Food Source With A Weekly Feeding Of Fertilizer.

The Fertilizer Feeders That Attach To The End Of Your Garden Hose Work Well Delivering Food Both Through The Root Systems and Through The Leaves…However When Temperatures Are Hot, Its Best To Avoid Fertilizer Contact With The Foliage To Avoid Burning.  

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