Winter Gardening Mile Tree
There are very few people who don’t enjoy beautifully landscaped summer gardens, whether they plant them themselves or just admire those of their neighbors and local parks.  The seed catalogs are showing up in the mail and everyone is thinking spring and summer.

But what about the here and now?  What does your winter garden look like…does it offer you a pleasing view?  If not, now is the time to visualize what your future winter landscapes need…while the slate is clean and you can see what winter offers you to work with.  Is there color?  structural interest?  evergreen plants and if so, is there a nice balance throughout the space?  is there something “happy” that makes you smile? are you attracting colorful & entertaining wildlife such as cardinals, blue jays and squirrels?  With the right planning and fall grooming, your garden can offer you visual happiness all year round.

Take pictures…as easy as it is to visualize now, it becomes more challenging to recall once the empty spaces are filled with annuals, perennials, and seasonal green foliage. Over the next few weeks we will focus on plants that you can incorporate into your landscapes this summer that offer future winter and spring appeal.

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